Thursday, January 27, 2011

Now it's brownies..

Just wanted everyone to know that the whole popcorn thing subsided and turned into a brownie thing.

I don't know if it is just me, but I seem to have this serious attachment to food.  It is all kinds of food and it is all the time.  I equate everything to food:
                                                                        Directions to my house, turn right at McDonald's
                                                                        Remember that party, we had that cake with the candy
                                                                        Don't forget to make the "brownies" for the meeting
Oh, and I am not sure if I will ever see another movie due to my unhealthy addiction to movie popcorn.

I know it is not just me.  I also know that it will pass just like the popcorn, let's say, situation.  The hard part is riding the wave.  I am hoping that saying this, like at Saturday's meeting, the NEED for a "you know what" will dissipate.  Hummmm!  What do you think?  ;)

No excuses


  1. It will pass! It's so mental! Stay strong and focus on your goal, or maybe have a healthy alternative? I have heard of black bean brownies, I have "heard" they aren't so bad. I have not tried them myself though. Maybe that can be your free "meal" this week? But f you are anything like me, I can't stop at one. This too shall pass ;)
    Trust the process! No excuses!

  2. You are singing my song in many ways, MB - just ask Jody, my wife. Many of my memories from childhood are related to an event that involved food, memories of food and family or vacations, etc. While that is the past and that connection will never change, what has changed is that I can honestly say that I very few (if any) memories in the past 15+ years that are so closely tied to food.

    It takes time to make the shift and you are only two weeks into a program that will help make that shift happen (yes, "shift happens". Haha), so just stay focused on the assignments, workouts, the plan and continue to cultivate your awareness.

    Good job!


  3. Mary Beth, Bravo to you for identifying your "food focus"...acknowledging the power that foods hold over us somehow, someway tends to be the first step to de-powering it. Great job on taking away some its power and putting the power back into your extraordinary hands!

    And I SOOO get the popcorn thing; I was a bucket-and-a-halfer at least at every movie I saw....what was amazing for me though is that after going through the program (plus a few months of doing the process on my own), the popcorn lost some of its oomph for me. It's like my tastebuds and body said, "Wait a minute...this isn't what you've been given us...this tastes tastes like....AN OLD HABIT!" Now I go to the movies (as you will also do), still eat popcorn, and listen to my body when it says stop (at least most of the time, and on those times I don't listen my body rebels and gives me a reminder of why I needed to moderate - reminders can be very powerful!)

  4. MaryBeth:
    I am so with you in extreme eating and exercising! :) You know where you gotta work now, and you have the right mindset to get it done! Keep writing about it, keep moving through it - and you will let it go!
    Rock on!