Monday, February 7, 2011

Ask your body!

Honestly, not my idea. 

Divine intervention?  Good vibes?  My higher power looking out for me?  Not sure and don't care.  At the end of my new favorite yoga class the instructor tells us all that, "we are exactly where we need to be".  That resonates with me in more ways than I am willing to admit.  We are all TOO busy, TOO tired, TOO everything to proceed with anything.  What I was living wasn't working and I was not changing the process.  Some call that insanity...

Things seem to have gotten faster around me yet I am okay with it all.  Most situations are not ideal and I am coping with it all.  I am strong.  I am healthy.  I am alive.  I have more coping mechanisms and more energy.  I feel good.

I was told 5 or 6 weeks ago that I should lose weight and my pre-hypertension would not be a problem.  After three weeks of being "ALL in"  I have lowered my blood pressure considerably, 106/70, and feel wonderful.

Chris said a lot of helpful things on Saturday.  One thing he said I really enjoyed, "if you ask your body to do something, it will most likely do it".  Ask your body!!

Just Do It
Then Do It Again
(saw that on a livestrong t-shirt) I love it!


  1. You are strong my friend! We are right where we need to be...

  2. Wow! Great news, Mary Beth and such great energy you are sharing! It is so true - your body wants to go a place where it feels good and strong and healthy and challenged. You are doing GREAT!

  3. ...and again....and again....and again...and again....

    (Love that Livestrong play on Nike)

  4. Nice job, girly! I like that quote you shared at the end . . . something to keep in mind when I'm ready to quit or be bad. Proud of you lowering your blood pressure! That's GREAT! And I love your positive outlook, even when things suck sometimes.