Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Day 2

I am in this with no excuses.  Yesterday was better than I thought.  Minor headache and hunger, bound to happen.  My biggest issue is getting up to speed technically, yes I am challenged on my computer.  I will get this.


  1. Yesterday was decent for me too, today has been a bit more difficult, trying to decipher if I am actually hungry, or just bored...
    Great job on Day 1!

  2. Mary Beth, I am with you regarding technology! YIKES! Great job with Day One...I know Chris and the binder talk about about healthy snacks between meals to keep you from getting ravenous. Those in-between snacks were a savior for me since in the beginning of BTWG, I was either Ravenous on the eating scale or Bloated from eating too much...those snacks really evened things out for me with regard to feeling true hunger (and kept me from overindulging at lunch or dinner). Love what Becky said about hunger or boredom....it's funny how those two mingle when we don't take a moment to really examine it. Take care.