Thursday, February 17, 2011

still in it!

Haven't blogged in awhile.  Thanks everyone for your blogs keeping me in it and engaged. Really.

I have been a bit busy this week and that has really thrown my eating off.  I just get caught not eating enough and then it is too late to eat more.  Whatever!  It will all shake out.  I just hope my body doesn't fight back and hold on to a bunch of water, or worse, this week.

Doing well with eating out and with having people over!  Thought I would just DIE but guess what?  Still here.  Thank goodness Becky W was one of the guests and we could watch each other.  At one point I almost decked here when I saw her daughters piece of cake in front of her, oops, would have really felt silly about that one.  It also helped that everyone else was from the gym.  That whole thing about rolling with like minded people really does help quite a bit.  If I were in a room with a bunch of eaters or food pushers I wonder if I would hang in.

I am really feeling for Matt.  That schedule and client/customer stuff has got to be a bitch.  I really don't know how well I would do and I can totally see it just getting harder each time.  Not something that you can really get accustom too and leave it.  Really gotta live it!  Peace to you Matt and strength.

All for now,

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