Thursday, December 30, 2010


I need help with this blog.  I need help getting motivated.  I just need help.  I too am mental and tired and ready for some encouragement.  Anyone else??


  1. Hey Mary Beth,

    You took the first step, a step that was "optional" as part of BTWG - that's something to celebrate. In reality, if you will simply continue to take the small steps I'm asking you to take, and not worry about the "big picture" you will make tremendous progress in the upcoming 12 weeks.

    Proud of you!


  2. We are about to have such a fun adventure! It'll totally suck at some times I bet, but we can all smile and joke about it together. We're not alone. We have a plan, we have the support, we have the power in us to do this. When you're all done I bet you'll back and say, "Man! I am a SUPER CHICK!" :) Looking forward to meeting you.

  3. Ditto what Chris and Amber wrote. Taking the first step deserves some credit. Most days I just think about the steps. And, to make you feel even better... starting my blog has been on my 'to do list' since Christmas Eve. You're totally ahead of me! :) I also agree with Amber - we're not alone. Thanking God for that, b/c I would never make it otherwise. ;)

  4. We are alll in this together and just know that there is strength in numbers. Sometimes it may take a village... You have one! Can't wait to meet you!

  5. Hey Mary Beth,

    Sherri D. here... I went thru the program 2 years ago and like you, I started the program needing some help to get on board with the blog. Amazingly, it grew on me every time I did it and by the program's end, it ended up being a large part of my success (as did reading everyone else's blogs to know I wasn't alone in the journey). Hoping that as you blog you'll find the same thing happening. Have a great week! - Sherri D.